YOU can save Fallbrook Golf Course! Here’s how:

JOIN US MONDAY, FEB. 15, 7 P.M. at the Fallbrook Community Planning Group meeting at Live Oak School Auditorium, 1978 Reche Road. (See the Alert in .PDF, Feb 13 2016)

  • Show up! Your presence registers your opposition to any land use changes which negatively impact beautiful Gird Valley. It will only take about half an hour of your time but it is a very important half hour so please be there!
  • If you’d like, you can speak out, share your thoughts! You’ll have 3 minutes to voice your opinion. Contact us and we’ll help you organize your comments!
  • Here is the PowerPoint presentation from our meeting at Fallbrook Library on Jan. 30, updated March 2, 2016.

You can do more to help!

  • Contact us for your banners! Mrs. Duke Snider has one–you can too!
  • Spread the word. Make sure you, everyone you know, is on our mailing list. Fill in the Sign Me Up! widget to the right on this site.
  • Share the PowerPoint presentation from our Jan. 30 meeting at Fallbrook Library, updated with new information March 2, 2016.

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