Correspondence Re: Feasibility of Subdividing Parcels 1 and 2

Correspondence with Planning & Development Services, County of San Diego, re: the feasibility of subdividing Parcels 1 and 2 for sale as residential development lots or mitigation bank land; PLUS the difficulty of changing San Diego County General Plan for Major Use change.

On Mar. 8, the Save Fallbrook Golf Course Committee wrote to a groundwater geologist with Planning & Development Services. Following are our inquiry and the response.

From: joan mcconnell
Sent: Tuesday, March 08, 2016 4:26 PM
To: Bennett, Jim
Subject: Legal sale of non-subdivided property?

Hi Jim,

We previously corresponded by email on February 8, 2016 regarding community concerns arising over the sale and/or subdivision of the golf course property at 2757 Gird Road in Fallbrook.

The current owner is now advertising the property (see links below) offering a partial sale described as “Option 1.” My question for you is whether a partial sale is possible based on the legal description of the property?

Also, can you tell me what the minimum building lot size is for residential development of this property in the event an investor wished to subdivide.

Thank you very much for your timely assistance in this regard.

Joan McConnell

From: Bennett, Jim

Date: Thu, Mar 10, 2016 at 8:46 AM
Subject: RE: Legal sale of non-subdivided property?
To: joan mcconnell

Good Morning Joan,

Nice talking with you this morning. I wanted to provide some additional information in regard your inquiry regarding the Fallbrook Golf Course.

For minimum lot size, the County General Plan ( and County Zoning Ordinance ( are the two main documents used to determine minimum residential lot sizes. There are other restrictions that can apply.

General Plan: For the Fallbrook Golf Course, the General Plan designation is Open Space Recreation. This designation has a required minimum lot size per residential unit of 4, 8, or 16 gross acres dependent on slope. In case your interested in seeing this information on a map, here is a link to the General Plan land use designations for Fallbrook:

Zoning: Separate from the General Plan, the Zoning Ordinance lists the site as requiring a minimum lot size per residential unit of 2 acres. With subdivision proposals, the more restrictive of the General Plan or Zoning is typically applied which in this case would be the General Plan designation.

The site is governed by a Major Use Permit from the 1970s for the golf course. To subdivide could potentially require a Major Use Permit modification, a tentative map or tentative parcel map, and possibly a General Plan amendment depending on the proposal. We would need a specific proposal to more thoroughly examine the issues in detail to determine the specific permit requirements.

Hope this helps.


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