Email blasts


November 20, 2016: You’re Invited! Join Us and Meet Jade Work, the New Owner of 2757 Gird Road!

November 16, 2016: Breaking News! Escrow has closed! Fallbrook congratulates and thanks Jade and Julie Work!

October 29, 2016: Gird Valley Residents Support Close of Escrow ASAP!

September 22, 2016: Welcome to our new Gird Valley neighbors!

September 3, 2016: Here’s to good neighbors in Gird Valley…

July 29, 2016: What’s next? Golf course, mitigation land banking, high-density development, garbage dump?

July 27, 2016: The deal is dead! Golf course needing TLC seeking buyer with vision! 

July 9, 2016: Support your local golf course!

June 29, 2016: A new deal at Fallbrook Golf Course?

June 26, 2016: Save the greens!

May 7, 2016: What you can do to help save Fallbrook Golf Course.

Apr. 2, 2016: Dear future Fallbrook Golf Course owner.

Mar. 15, 2016: Fallbrook Golf Course to stay open … for now.

Mar. 5: Fallbrook Golf Course is closing on March 14. What happens after that?

Feb. 13, 2016: Announcement of Fallbrook Community Planning Group meeting.

February 11, 2016: What can you do to save Fallbrook Golf Course? 

Feb. 2, 2016: What can you do today to help save Fallbrook Golf Course?

January 29, 2016: Save Fallbrook Golf Course! Join us at the Library January 30. 

January 27, 2016: Save Fallbrook Golf Course!