Lamberson Still Seeking Buyer for Fallbrook Golf Course

Fallbrook’s fairways haven’t been watered since April 2015 and it shows. Photo back nine: Ken Seals, April 29, 2016 .

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The May 6 article, “Lamberson still seeking buyer for Fallbrook Golf Course”, reveals that there is much interest among buyers in purchasing and restoring the course.

The Village News‘ Tom Ferrall reports that Harold Vaubel (HGM Golf Enterprises) of Tucson, Arizona is attempting to negotiate a purchase.

Additionally, Anil Yadav, owner of the nearby Pala Mesa Resort, held an exploratory meeting about adding Fallbrook Golf Course to his golf portfolio which includes The Bridges Golf Club in San Ramon and Eagle Ridge in Gilroy.

According to the Village News, Mr. Yadav said, “If it financially made sense we would do it, but we’re not sure where we’re going to go yet. …The community is very active and that’s what [piqued] our interest.”

Mr. Yadav plans course restoration for Fallbrook Golf Course but he also offers years of restaurant experience, a valuable asset in this challenging time for golf operations. The Village News described Mr. Yadav as “a very successful entrepreneur who went from being a fry cook at Jack in the Box to owning more than 300 restaurants and employing more than 8,000 people”. Impressive indeed – an American success story!

June marks Mr. Lamberson’s fourth anniversary as the course’s owner and he’s been trying to sell it for most of that time, as a FSBO (For Sale By Owner).

Due to San Diego County land use restrictions, attempts to sell portions of the property to wetlands mitigation bankers or residential developers failed. More recent plans to erect a cell tower on the golf course appear to be equally ill-conceived.

While we wait for Fallbrook Golf Course to change ownership and be restored to the fabulous venue it once was, we would like to thank the North County Fire Protection District for its prompt response to complaints about debris, weeds and fire hazards. We look forward to seeing the neglected course cleaned up and greened up before the height of fire season.

With few golfers and limited hours of operation, we also ask that neighbors watch vigilantly for any illegal activities on the course such as loitering after hours, vagrancy, vandalism or any Public Nuisance (Sheriff’s Fallbrook substation: 760-451-3100, 911 for emergencies).

Let’s hope we don’t have any problems this summer. Let’s hope a new owner will soon be sprucing up the course! Let’s hope we’ll all be back at the bar and restaurant celebrating life’s events, birdies, bogeys and holes in one, tournaments and Junior Golf! What fun!! We can hardly wait!


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