Save the Greens!

Fallbrook’s back-nine fairways have not been watered since April 2015 and it shows. Are the greens next? Photo: Ken Seals, May 30, 2016.

It’s official. This sign was posted in several locations at the golf course on Friday.


The golf course is closed. Again.

Abandoned. Again.

What can you do? We need you to urge the bank to put a management company in place to save the golf course, its rapidly-declining asset, our neighborhood golf course, the gem of Gird Valley!

Yes, the fairways are trashed and will need to be re-seeded but now the greens are at risk. At an estimated value of $20,000 per hole, the greens represent a substantial portion of the remaining value of the course. With the arrival of hot summer weather, we would hate to see $360,000 dry up by mid-July!

Here is a sample letter urging the bank to manage its asset. Send your letter to Andrea Hageman at First National Denver at and send a copy to us at

We also need you to revisit all the articles that have been generated on the course’s situation and add more comments. Keep the conversation going! We expect more articles this week so stay tuned!

To help refresh your memory, we’ve worked up a brief summary on the golf course situation.

Additionally, we note that July 1 marks the 4-year anniversary of the management of the Lamberson Family Trust. Four years but it seems like forever. In that short time, we’ve seen a well run, busy, much-loved establishment replaced by the non-entity that was Jack’s Place, followed by the pipe dream that was AJ’s Taphouse (Grand Opening: June 27, 2015), all the promises that never materialized.


The breakfast service was cancelled and the water was turned off fairways in April 2015 and the neighborhood prayed for a new and experienced owner to step in and save the course as the gem of Gird Valley became what Tod Leonard, The San Diego Union Tribune‘s golf writer, described as a “cow pasture of a course.”

By January 2016, owner Jack Lamberson’s misguided intent to pursue residential development and mitigation banking (along the lines of what we see at San Luis Rey Downs) triggered the founding of Within a short time, we’d discovered that residential development of any density was impossible and mitigation banking was another unviable option. We quickly generated interest among qualified buyers but the owner was unable to make a deal. This inaction resulted in more neglect of the course.

Fallbrook’s front nine, fairway #2. Photo: Joan McConnell, June 26, 2016.

At this point, since the current owner has abandoned the property, we urge the lien holder, First National Denver, to meet its responsibility to maintain its asset until a new golf course owner … a most welcome owner … takes possession and saves the gem of Gird Valley and Fallbrook!

Save Fallbrook Golf Course! Save The Greens!


The Steering Committee


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