The Deal Is Dead! Golf Course Needing TLC, Buyer with Vision!

Fallbrook Golf Course’s back nine before the water was turned back on in July. Photo: Ken Seals, June 30, 2016.


Fallbrook Golf Course’s owner Jack Lamberson stated in a Tuesday, July 26 interview with Tom Farrell of the Village News that negotiations have collapsed on the sale of the course to Harold and Linda Vaubel of HGM Enterprises of Arizona. Mr. Lamberson said:

“We have terminated all negotiations with Harold Vaubel. He’s been under orders to quit operating illegally here and has failed to do it. He had no authority to run it at all. The only thing we allowed was for him to resume watering. I broke off the negotiations because he’s not solvent. He can’t verify funds.”

As you recall, the Village News, San Diego Reader and The San Diego Union Tribune reported in early July that Fallbrook Golf Course was under new management, with a sale pending, to close within days. With the management agreement in place, Mr. Vaubel explained that he was bringing in Mr. Cary Lee and his Candyl Golf Group crew to begin the laborious task of restoring the course. But as Mr. Lee told the Village News:

“My relationship with Harold started to go south when I asked him when I was going to get paid. Harold owes me money. He said he was going to send me a check and I still haven’t received it.”

The neighbors knew none of this when they saw activity at the course, learned that workers were being hired, saw the water turned back on, which saved the greens and tees from being destroyed this summer. With its deep roots dating back to the 1960s, the course greened-up immediately.

The tattered third tee greening up after only three light applications of H20! June 30 and July 9, 2016.

As for the ongoing process of selling Fallbrook Golf Course, Mr. Lamberson assured the Village News that he has other interested buyers so the community remains hopeful that a sale to an experienced golf course operator will be finalized soon!

Yes, it is a place where everyone knows your name! Photo: Teresa Platt, July 9, 2016.

We know the community will rally to support the new owner since only by making a profit will this golf course succeed! Play a round, buy a round!

We will keep you posted and, hopefully, our next email will announce that a sale is completed! Finally!

Thank you!


The Steering Committee


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Just a few years ago, Fallbrook Golf Course was a Southern California gem. With your help, it can be again! Photo: Teresa Platt, View from the second green, July 30, 2013.