Legal Documents

Fallbrook Golf Course sits on 116 acres, zoned Agricultural, with special use permits for Open Space, Golf, Recreation. The height limit is 2 stories, 35 feet.

We have assembled the public legal documents for the course below.

Ownership of Fallbrook Golf Course. Includes parcel number, owner, description, size, sale amount, sale date, etc.

Title Report, Fallbrook Golf Course.

Grant Deed conveying title to Fallbrook Golf Course, Inc. The golf course property consists of 116 acres on 2 separate legal parcels described by metes and bounds description which are referenced as Parcels 1 and 2 as set forth on Exhibit A attached to the Grant Deed conveying title to Fallbrook Golf Course, Inc., a California corporation. The 2 legal parcels are made up of 9 Assessor Parcel Numbers, NOT 9 legal parcels. The subdivision laws under the California Subdivision Map Act Government Code sections 66410 et seq. (the “SMA”) establish regulations and controls for the subdivision of land. As a general rule, the SMA prohibits selling real property that has not been properly subdivided and therefore a sale of a “portion” of either of the 2 legal parcels would be in violation of the SMA. Experts in the field have cautioned that a subdivision of either of the 2 legal parcels for housing developments or mitigation banking purposes would be VERY difficult, if not impossible, and that such a process, if attempted, could take a decade or longer and there would be no assurance of success.

Parcel 1. This plat is presented here for illustrative purposes only. CLICK TO ENLARGE
Parcel 2, Sheets 1-3. This plat is presented here for illustrative purposes only. CLICK TO ENLARGE
Parcel 2, Sheet 2. This plat is presented here for illustrative purposes only. CLICK TO ENLARGE

AP Map of Parcel 2 showing wells at 43 and 4.

Correspondence Re: Feasibility of Subdividing Parcels 1 and 2. Correspondence with Planning & Development Services, County of San Diego, re: the feasibility of subdividing Parcels 1 and 2 for sale as residential development lots or mitigation bank land; PLUS the difficulty of changing San Diego County General Plan for Major Use change.

Deed of Trust for $2.88M, among Fallbrook Golf Course Inc., Mile High Banks/First National Denver, and Chicago Title Company, June 22, 2012.

Deed of Trust on 243 Eldorado Drive, Lake Arrowhead for $720,000 between Mile High Banks/First National Denver and Lamberson Family Trust, dated June 22, 2012, recorded June 29, 2012, maturity date June 22, 2018. The Deed is on a Lamberson Family Trust property at 243 Eldorado Drive, Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352. (Zillow value June 2012: $1.1 million. Purchase price 2005: $842,500. Zillow value May 2016: $879,000.). Appears to be the funds for the down payment for the Lamberson Family Trust’s purchase of the golf course. ($2.88M plus $720,000 gives us a purchase price of $3.6M.)

UCC Financing Statement, between Fallbrook Golf Course Inc. and Mile High Banks, June 29, 2012.

Amended and Restated Deed of Trust, among Fallbrook Golf Course Inc., First National Bank of Denver, and Chicago Title Company, for $2.8 million, effective July 18, 2014, maturity date July 22, 2021 (see page 10 of the pdf).

UCC Financing Statement, between Fallbrook Golf Course Inc. and First National Bank of Denver, Mar. 25, 2015.

Liquor License, expiring Feb 29, 2016 but renewed December 2015, owned by Fallbrook Golf Course, Inc., a California corporation incorporated 10/31/2011, sole stockholder Lamberson Family Trust, [actual name possibly LFT Investments, Inc., a Nevada corporation, established 2005.] Per Jack Lamberson, “[the Lamberson Family Trust, the sole stockholder of Fallbrook Golf Course Inc.] owns three payroll companies…”

The golf course won, affirmed on appeal in 2004, a court case regarding access to water via a well near the maintenance yard at the southeastern section of the course, in Nevada Lending Corp. vs. Fallbrook Golf Club, Inc.: 1-35; 36-70; 71-106; 107-142; 143-178; 179-214; 215-250; 251-286; 287-297.

Companies owned by Jack Leroy Lamberson, Bonnie Sue Lamberson and/or Brian Lanari (of Mill Valley)–California Corporations: Contractors Associates, Inc.; Employee Leasing, Inc.;  J.L. Lamberson; Lanari and Associates, Inc.; Obei, Inc.; Onceblue Enterprises, Inc.; Personnel Leasing Inc.; Redlands SLS Construction Company; Worker Leasing. Nevada Corporations: Contract Labor, Inc.; Contractors Associates, Inc; Employee Leasing, Inc. of Nevada; JB Corporate Management, Inc.; Lamberson Family Limited Partnership; LFT Investments, Inc. SANDAG plot plans. Click on address box upper right and search for 2757 Gird Road to view maps.

FEMA’s Flood Map Service Center states the Fallbrook Golf Course at 2757 Gird Road is located in a minimal flood hazard zone.

AVERAGE HOUSEHOLD INCOME: FALLBROOK: $86,220. BONSALL: $113,910. GIRD VALLEY (Fallbrook Golf Course’s location): $151,575.

The Fallbrook Community Plan, part of the San Diego County General Plan, underwent nine hearings between 2006 and 2010 and was ultimately adopted by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors on August 3, 2011 (amended Jan 2012, June 2014 and as recently as November 18, 2015). On Page 26 in the document (p.30 in the pdf) The Plan declares recreational facilities are “vital to personal development” and encourages private development of local golf courses.  The pertinent sections follow:


3.2 Parks and Recreation: Park needs, locations, and facilities Issue COS 2.1 Recreation is recognized as vital to personal development. Goal COS 2.1 A well-balanced system of recreational facilities (public and private) that serves the Fallbrook community and meets the needs of all ages through both active and passive recreational opportunities.…Policy COS 2.1.6 Encourage private development of local golf courses, archery ranges, riding stables, and other recreational facilities throughout the community.

Weed Abatement FAQs and Weed Abatement Ordinance, Ordinance 2000-1, North County Fire Protection District, County of San Diego, states:

SECTION 1 Weeds and Other Items Declared a Public Nuisance

A. Weeds defined below growing upon the streets, sidewalks or upon private or public property within the North County Fire Protection District which by reason of its size, type, manner of growth, proximity to any building, or improvements which, when dry, will with reasonable probability constitute a fire hazard, is hereby declared to be a public nuisance and shall be abated to the satisfaction of the Fire Chief or an authorized representative.

B. Weeds are defined as provided in the Health and Safety Code Section 14875 by reference and are declared a seasonal and recurrent nuisance. C. Cultivated and useful grasses and pasture are not declared a public nuisance. However, the Fire Chief or an authorized representative may determine a hazard exists adjacent improved property from fire exposure and require an adequate firebreak.

September 16, 2016: At a Fallbrook Community Planning Group meeting, it is learned that golf course owner Jack Lamberson has proposed the golf course as a potential site for a cell tower. The meeting minutes note that FCPG board member Ann Burdick asked Verizon’s Darrell Daugherty if he was aware that a cell tower had been proposed to be located at the Fallbrook golf course site, 2757 Gird Road, several times in the past and each time the FCPG denied that request. Mr. Daugherty replied he was not aware of this fact.”

Send your complaints regarding any fire hazard, debris, trash to the North County Deputy Fire Chief Steve Abbott at and also use this online form. Additionally, send your complaints and pictures to the bank which carries the loan on the property: Ms. Andrea Hageman, Senior Vice President, Manager of Special Assets, NMLS# 1199565, Direct 303.962.8079, Cell 303.919.2032, Toll-Free 888.912.2265, Fax 303.962.8088, First National Denver, 3650 East First Avenue, Suite 100, Denver, CO 80206, We also appreciate receiving copies at Thank You!

Biological Habitat Assessment, APNs 107-420-1300, 107-420-1400, 124-330-1600, 47.74-acre property, Fallbrook. By Trestles Environmental Corp., Oct. 31, 2014. See also Fallbrook Trails Council Pocket Field Guide: Plants & Wildlife of Fallbrook and San Diego. Plus addendum to Field Guide by Anne Youngblood.