Our Mission

Our Mission:

Fallbrook Golf Course, 2016.

Fallbrook Golf Course owners Bonnie and Jack Lamberson and grandson AJ Laneri are in escrow, transferring all or part of our beautiful Fallbrook Golf Course to a “mitigation” land bank. If you want to know what this entails, just look to the south in Bonsall where we have witnessed the tragic demise of the San Luis Rey Downs Golf Course, now the San Luis Rey Downs Weed Patch surrounded by thousands of angry Bonsall neighbors. In the deal on the table, Fallbrook Golf Course will go to seed and weeds and then “mitigation credits” will be sold to Big Government agencies and Big Developers to release them from any culpability for damage they are doing to wetlands in North San Diego County. Mitigation tax credits related to the expansion of Highway 76 are estimated to sell for $150,000 to $500,000 per acre.

So, faced with the choice of working hard in a challenging business environment, the Lamberson/Lanari group chose to cut service in the bar and restaurant, cancel the breakfast service, reduce staff, and cast off their golfing and events clientele. They stopped watering and caring for the fairways and trees, and are ignoring maintenance of the cart paths and outbuildings. They appear to be purposely degrading the course and letting assets decline, all in preparation for grabbing a large piece of YOUR taxpayer dollars via a “mitigation” land bank!

In exchange, Fallbrook residents and local government will be left with negatively impacted view sheds, decimated property values, a vastly diminished tax base and fewer recreational and job opportunities. Additionally, the historic Gird Valley will be left with an eyesore spanning both sides of Gird Road, a weedy fire hazard in the middle of residential development.

So how does one mitigate the negatives created by mitigation bankers such as these? Any land bank will require a County Discretionary Use Permit and the County will need approval for such a permit from our own Fallbrook Planning Group. Additionally, while the federal Fish and Wildlife Service and the Army Corps of Engineers will issue mitigation permits and approve the land mitigation bank under Section 404 of the federal Clean Water Act, they are REQUIRED BY LAW to COORDINATE with our citizens via our local government and planning groups. This gives Fallbrook residents the ultimate veto power over this process.

THEREFORE, WE THE UNDERSIGNED urge Fallbrook Planning Group to disallow conversion of the Recreation-zoned Fallbrook Golf Course to a mitigation bank. We also call on Congressman Duncan Hunter to modify the Clean Water Act to preclude government agencies from using OUR tax dollars to destroy DEVELOPED recreation land by being sold into Mitigation Land Banks.

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