MAR 15, 2016

If you are on our email list, you’ve received an update on the status of Fallbrook Golf Course. What can you do to help save Fallbrook Golf Course? Follow the links below to recent press coverage and submit your comments ASAP!

This past week, SaveFallbrookGolfCourse.com helped reporters generate four articles. The San Diego Union Tribune‘s Bob Pickard and the Village News‘ Tom Ferrall covered the announced March 14 closure of the course. When the owner back-tracked and cancelled the closure, San Diego Reader‘s Ken Leighton reported Jack Lamberson saying, “his longterm plans are to eventually divide the property and sell the back nine for mitigation and sell the front nine to a residential developer.”

March 14th, San Diego Union Tribune readers opened the Sports Section to golf writer Tod Leonard’s headline, “Negligent Fallbrook course owner is betraying the public’s trust.”

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  • Email/mail us your statements of support 
  • Share this Petition to Save Fallbrook Golf Course far and wide.
  • Share your concerns with your elected representatives and the Fallbrook Community Planning Group. 
  • Join us for these meetings:
    • Fallbrook Library, Saturday, January 30th, 3 PM where you can learn all about this issue. 
    • Fallbrook Community Planning Group Meeting, February 15th, 7 PM, Live Oak School, 1978 Reche Road. 
Thank you for your support and spread the word! 
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